2022 British Speedway Season


    HERE’S our latest soundbytes and fixtures from around the tracks up and down the country.



    Redcar ended Glasgow’s unbeaten start to their Championship season with a last-heat 5-1 in Sunday’s 47-43 defeat of the Tigers – but the Scottish club are still eight points clear at the top of the table. Tigers Danish star Ulrich Ostergaard seen here leading and again in the points against his former side.
    Picture: IAN ADAM


    “Lemo has changed up the team a little bit and it’s worked much better. The side seems to be more evenly spread out. We’ve got the power at the top, middle and bottom.”
    Aces skipper Steve Worrall tells Speedway Star the recent riding order changes made by boss Mark Lemon have had a positive overall effect on the side.
    NEXT HOME: Sheffield, Mon June 21
    NEXT AWAY: King’s Lynn, Thur June 24

    “Yes, it is a low point and it is a tough time but we have come back from hard moments and bad situations plenty of times, being bottom of the league, so it is not unheard of for people to turn it around and come good. That is what we will be looking to do, and we will be putting everything into it.”
    Witches boss Ritchie Hawkins says there’s still time to turn around their fortunes after a poor recent run saw them slip to a second home defeat at the hands of Peterborough.
    NEXT HOME: Wolverhampton, Mon June 28
    NEXT AWAY: Peterborough, Mon June 21

    “I’m really pleased to finally get an opportunity to race for my hometown club. It’s always something I have wanted to do since watching there as kid. It will be really cool to be racing in front of my local crowd and for my sponsors who are local to King’s Lynn.”
    New signing Connor Mountain is delighted to take his opportunity with the Stars having signed up with the club in the Rising Star position.
    NEXT HOME: Sheffield, Thur June 17
    NEXT AWAY: Belle Vue, Mon June 28

    “I’m delighted with that because Wolverhampton are such a good side and have made a good start to the season. It’s great for us to have 10-points from the last week and hopefully we can keep it going.”
    A spectacular week for Rob Lyon’s Panthers who have taken three wins in eight days to surge up to second place in the Premiership table.
    NEXT HOME: Ipswich, Mon June 21
    NEXT AWAY: King’s Lynn, Thur July 1

    “What we’re seeing from him now is the rider we signed. You can see how good he can be, and he rode really well on Monday, using the right lines with all his experience. He just needs more time on the bike, that’s all.”
    Tigers boss Simon Stead tells Speedway Star the recent performances of Troy Batchelor have shown he can be the No.1 spearhead the club were looking for when they moved for his signature.
    NEXT HOME: Ipswich, Thur June 24
    NEXT AWAY: King’s Lynn, Thur June 17

    “I just want a few more people to get somewhere near the figure where we can sustain our position and move forward through the season. I’ve managed to source some great pictures from last week against Sheffield where there is no doubt you can accommodate more people.”
    Wolves owner Chris Van Straaten spells out the state of play regarding ongoing restrictions, having taken the decision to postpone next Monday’s home meeting against King’s Lynn.
    NEXT HOME: Sheffield, Mon July 5
    NEXT AWAY: Ipswich, Mon June 28


    “Tonight was simply one of those nights and we already knew this would be a tough match, it proved to be just that, especially as points were not coming easily from areas of our side where you’d expect bigger totals.”
    Bandits boss Gary Flint accepted his side had been outgunned late on by Redcar as they suffered a second home defeat of the season.
    NEXT HOME: Glasgow, Sat June 26
    NEXT AWAY: Scunthorpe, Fri July 2

    “A large part of our following is from the older generation, some of which are in their 70s and 80s and do not shop online. Many don’t even have access to a computer and this has badly affected our crowd levels. We were advertising pay on the gate until this was blocked 24-hours before the meeting and this decision alone cost us valuable revenue and we drove away from the stadium knowing we had lost thousands of pounds.”
    Brummies co-owner David Mason explains the decision to put the club’s season on hold until early July in the hope that there will be some easements in the restrictions they are operating under at Perry Barr.
    NEXT HOME: Redcar, Wed July 7
    NEXT AWAY: Redcar, Fri July 9

    “We were having to come from behind for the whole meeting. We should have pulled it off in that last heat as we did with Poole but it was not to be. It is early days in the league and now we need some points on the road. We can do it, we are good enough.”
    Eagles boss Trevor Geer challenges his side to show the character required to come back from adversity after a shock home defeat against Edinburgh last weekend.
    NEXT HOME: Leicester, Sun June 27
    NEXT AWAY: Glasgow, Fri June 25

    “The team has developed really quickly, they have great team spirit, and if we thought Eastbourne were one of the strongest teams in the league then for sure we are one of the strongest teams in the league. We can only get better.”
    Monarchs boss John Campbell hints that his side have even surprised club bosses in recent weeks with their rate of progression – underlined by a dramatic win at Eastbourne on Saturday.
    NEXT HOME: Scunthorpe, Fri June 25
    NEXT AWAY: Scunthorpe, Sun June 27

    “It is what it is, we can’t win them all. When you consider they had to use tactical substitutes both at our place and at home to peg us back, that’s a compliment to us. We just have to regroup ahead of next Sunday’s trip to Scunthorpe and get all the points there.”
    Tigers boss Cami Brown knows expectations of the Ashfield club are sky-high after their terrific start to the season, such that even an away point at Redcar was seen as a disappointment.
    NEXT HOME: GP Qualifier, Sat June 19
    NEXT AWAY: Scunthorpe, Sun June 20

    “He has suffered several crashes this year, the first, at Glasgow in his very first race for us, damaging his shoulder quite severely. So his decision, although very bad news for both Kent and Wolverhampton, is fully understandable and we wish him a bright future out of racing.”
    Kings promoter Len Silver has no complaints with the decision of Tom Bacon to call it a day in the sport – but knows it will be no easy task to replace him.
    NEXT HOME: Plymouth, Tues June 15
    NEXT AWAY: Redcar, Fri June 25

    “We ended up 50-40 here – but for me that’s not as convincing as what it should’ve been. We’re not firing on all cylinders, I think everybody can see that , but I’ll let the dust settle on tonight and see where we go tomorrow.”
    The Lions are through to the KO Cup semi-finals – but boss Stewart Dickson is still demanding more from his team, after a defeat at Edinburgh on Friday.
    NEXT HOME: Redcar, Sat June 19
    NEXT AWAY: Newcastle, Sun June 20

    “With no effective No.1, it made our already tough task even harder and with Scunthorpe so very effective on their home track, it proved to be a step too far tonight as we only had one heat winner out of 15.”
    Diamonds boss Nigel Hinchliffe accepted his side had been well beaten at Scunthorpe as they continue to await the return to fitness of Ben Barker following his practice day crash.
    NEXT HOME: Leicester, Sun June 20
    NEXT AWAY: Leicester, Sat June 26

    “This was my best performance for Plymouth and in the Championship. I’m very happy to be back at Plymouth this season and the journey home won’t seem quite so long tonight.”
    Gladiators reserve Aflie Bowtell piled up a highly impressive 13+2 score and was integral to their dramatic comeback to defeat Berwick at home last Tuesday.
    NEXT HOME: Poole (KOC), Tues June 22
    NEXT AWAY: Kent, Tues June 15

    “I am encouraged with the way the team is blending and as I have always said, trophies are not handed out in June, but there is enough talent in the side to give us real belief that we can be there at the end.”
    Pirates boss Neil Middleditch was satisfied with his side’s efforts in their opening home win over Berwick, where UK newcomer Ben Cook starred with a 13-point haul.
    NEXT HOME: Kent, Wed June 30
    NEXT AWAY: Plymouth (KOC), Tues June 22

    “What pleased me was that we didn’t roll over and hand it to them, we made a few technical changes and things came good in the end. I’m really proud of the team for digging deep. Even though we had some mechanical issues we didn’t let that affect us and that was really impressive.”
    Bears boss Jade Mudway had high praise for his team on redcar-speedway.com after their remarkable fightback to defeat Glasgow with two late 5-1s on Sunday.
    NEXT HOME: Kent, Fri June 25
    NEXT AWAY: Leicester, Sat June 19

    “Josh MacDonald won a race in Heat 12, which was very pleasing. It’s just confidence with Josh. He just needs to clear his head, ride the bike and enjoy it – and stop making it hard work for himself and riding the bike too hard. We need to persevere and I’m sure he will come good.”
    Scorpions boss Dave Peet says the club are firmly behind late-winter signing Josh MacDonald, and feels the points will come for the Australian in the near future.
    NEXT HOME: Glasgow, Sun June 20
    NEXT AWAY: Edinburgh, Fri June 25


    “I’m trying to cut out a few mistakes that will help me to really start stamping my authority on the NDL. Just things like decision-making in the first corner – I’ve made quite a few good starts this year and haven’t capitalised on all of them like I need to.”
    Devils No.1 Nathan Greaves wants to become a dominant force this season and tells Speedway Star he’s determined to take the next step towards doing so.
    NEXT HOME: Belle Vue, Sat June 19
    NEXT AWAY: Eastbourne, Sat July 31

    “Berwick have made a flying start to their campaign, but we have plenty of potential in our side and we are all capable of getting better. Hopefully Sam isn’t out too long with his injury as he has started so well down at reserve.”
    Colts captain Ben Woodhull hopes the recent injury to Sam McGurk doesn’t derail their season after his impressive start to NDL life alongside brother Harry at reserve.
    NEXT HOME: Kent, Fri July 2
    NEXT AWAY: Armadale, Sat June 19

    “We just want these boys to progress, and that’s what they’re doing meeting on meeting. It means we’ve put in place what we’ve wanted to do for years.”
    Bullets boss Gary Flint tells Speedway Star there’s no added pressure on his side despite sitting top of the table after an encouraging start to the season.
    NEXT HOME: Newcastle, Sat June 19
    NEXT AWAY: Mildenhall, Sun July 4

    “I think I can bring some experience to the team, and to some of the three-pointers. I’m not the best rider around, but I’d like to think with the experience I have gained over the years that I can contribute to scoring some good points on and off track.”
    Recent Seagulls signing Danno Verge is determined to play his part in the team having come in to replace long-term injury victim Henry Atkins.
    NEXT HOME: Kent, Sat June 19
    NEXT AWAY: Mildenhall, Sun June 20

    “I really am feeling confident now and when you’re happy it all comes together. Scoring 14 points at my first meeting of the season isn’t a bad way to start.”
    Royals youngster Jake Mulford tells Speedway Star his confidence is sky-high after his successful start to the season against Eastbourne last month.
    NEXT HOME: Newcastle, Tue July 27
    NEXT AWAY: Eastbourne, Sat June 19

    “The new thoughts of the NDL are to develop riders and bring them on in this league, and then into the Championship. Obviously we’ve bought into that process as a club, and already you can see with the people we’ve brought in that there is a future for them, and they’ll keep progressing.”
    Lion Cubs boss Dave Howard says the club are keeping their eyes firmly on the future with their youthful NDL team including three debutants at this level.
    NEXT HOME: Mildenhall, Wed June 16
    NEXT AWAY: Newcastle, Sun June 20

    “In our conversations Luke has shown he is hungry for success and very keen to suceed in the sport. He made a round trip of some 370 miles to a private practice at the club today and showed up very well and quickly fitted in with the other lads.”
    Fen Tigers boss Malcolm Vasey confirms Luke Muff has been handed an opportunity to start the season at reserve following Arran Butcher’s injury in a grasstrack event.
    NEXT HOME: Eastbourne, Sun June 20
    NEXT AWAY: Leicester, Wed June 16

    The Gems head back into action this Saturday with a trip to Berwick, and then host Leicester on Sunday in the second half of a double header which also features the senior contest between the clubs.
    NEXT HOME: Leicester, Sun June 20
    NEXT AWAY: Berwick, Sat June 19


    CHAMPIONSHIP: Kent v Plymouth 6.30

    NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT LEAGUE: Leicester v Mildenhall 7.30

    BRITISH UNDER-21 SEMI-FINAL: Redcar 7.30
    PREMIERSHIP: King’s Lynn v Sheffield 7.30

    CHAMPIONSHIP: Leicester v Redcar 7pm
    NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT LEAGUE: Armadale v Belle Vue 2.30, Berwick v Newcastle 7pm, Eastbourne v Kent 7.30

    CHAMPIONSHIP: Newcastle v Leicester 4pm, Scunthorpe v Glasgow 3pm
    NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT LEAGUE: Mildenhall v Eastbourne 3pm, Newcastle v Leicester (follows Champ fixture)
    BRITISH YOUTH CHAMPIONSHIP Round 1: Scunthorpe (125cc/150cc) (follows Champ fixture)

    PREMIERSHIP: Belle Vue v Sheffield 7.30, Peterborough v Ipswich 7.30

    CHAMPIONSHIP: Kent v Leicester 6.30,
    CHAMPIONSHIP KO CUP 1st leg: Plymouth v Poole 7pm

    PREMIERSHIP: King’s Lynn v Belle Vue 7.30, Sheffield v Ipswich 7.30

    CHAMPIONSHIP: Edinburgh v Scunthorpe 7.30, Glasgow v Eastbourne 7.30, Redcar v Kent 7.30

    CHAMPIONSHIP: Berwick v Glasgow 7pm, Leicester v Newcastle 7pm

    CHAMPIONSHIP: Eastbourne v Leicester 3pm, Newcastle v Plymouth 4pm, Scunthorpe v Edinburgh 3pm
    NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT LEAGUE: Eastbourne v Leicester (follows previous fixture)
    BRITISH YOUTH CHAMPIONSHIP Round 3: Scunthorpe (500cc/250cc) (follows Champ fixture)

    PREMIERSHIP: Belle Vue v King’s Lynn 7.30, Ipswich v Wolverhampton 7.30, Peterborough v Sheffield 7.30

    CHAMPIONSHIP: Kent v Poole 6.30, Plymouth v Newcastle 7pm