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British Final Roll of Honour

1961 Barry Briggs Peter Craven Ronnie Moore
1962 Peter Craven Barry Briggs Ronnie Moore
1963 Peter Craven Barry Briggs Leo McAuliffe
1964 Barry Briggs Ken McKinlay Ron How
1965 Barry Briggs Nigel Boocock Ken McKinlay
1966 Barry Briggs Ivan Mauger Colin Pratt
1967 Barry Briggs Ivan Mauger Eric Boocock
1968 Ivan Mauger Barry Briggs Eric Boocock
1969 Barry Briggs Nigel Boocock Ronnie Moore
1970 Ivan Mauger Ronnie Moore Roy Trigg
1971 Ivan Mauger Barry Briggs Tony Lomas
1972 Ivan Mauger Nigel Boocock Barry Briggs
1973 Ray Wilson Bob Valentine Peter Collins
1974 Eric Boocock Terry Betts Dave Jessup
1975 John Louis Peter Collins Malcolm Simmons
1976 Malcolm Simmons Chris Morton Doug Wyer
1977 Michael Lee Dave Jessup Doug Wyer
1978 Michael Lee Dave Jessup Malcolm Simmons
1979 Peter Collins Michael Lee Dave Jessup
1980 Dave Jessup Michael Lee Phil Collins
1981 Steve Bastable Kenny Carter John Louis
1982 Andy Grahame Alan Grahame Kenny Carter
1983 Chris Morton Michael Lee Andy Grahame
1984 Kenny Carter Andy Grahame Dave Jessup
1985 Kenny Carter John Davis Kelvin Tatum
1986 Neil Evitts Phil Collins Jeremy Doncaster
1987 Kelvin Tatum Neil Evitts Simon Wigg
1988 Simon Wigg Kelvin Tatum Chris Morton
1989 Simon Wigg Kelvin Tatum Alan Grahame
1990 Kelvin Tatum Simon Cross Jeremy Doncaster
1991 Gary Havelock Kelvin Tatum Chris Louis
1992 Gary Havelock Martin Dugard Andy Smith
1993 Andy Smith Joe Screen Gary Havelock
1994 Andy Smith Joe Screen Steve Schofield
1995 Andy Smith Joe Screen Dean Barker
1996 Joe Screen Chris Louis Carl Stonehewer
1997 Mark Loram Chris Louis Sean Wilson
1998 Chris Louis Joe Screen Paul Hurry
1999 Mark Loram Joe Screen Chris Louis
2000 Chris Louis Paul Hurry Martin Dugard
2001 Mark Loram Stuart Robson Martin Dugard
2002 Scott Nicholls Lee Richardson David Howe
2003 Scott Nicholls Dean Barker David Norris
2004 Joe Screen David Norris Mark Loram
2005 Scott Nicholls Chris Harris Joe Screen
2006 Scott Nicholls Joe Screen Simon Stead
2007 Chris Harris David Howe Scott Nicholls
2008 Scott Nicholls Edward Kennett Tai Woffinden
2009 Chris Harris Edward Kennett Tai Woffinden
2010 Chris Harris Scott Nicholls Ben Barker
2011 Scott Nicholls Chris Harris Tai Woffinden
2012 Scott Nicholls Chris Harris Tai Woffinden
2013 Tai Woffinden Scott Nicholls Chris Harris
2014 Tai Woffinden Craig Cook Ben Barker
2015 Tai Woffinden Craig Cook Danny King
2016 Danny King Craig Cook Robert Lambert
2017 Craig Cook Steve Worrall Rory Schlein
2018 Robert Lambert Dan Bewley Craig Cook
2019 Charles Wright Danny King Craig Cook
2020 Rory Schlein Richard Lawson Jason Crump
2021 Adam Ellis Dan Bewley Charles Wright


NOTE: Was known as the Championship of Great Britain from 2002 to 2006 inclusive, before reverting back to its original title in 2007.