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Basic League Rules


1st -> 3

2nd -> 2

3rd -> 1

4th -> 0

Riders are identified by Helmet Colours: Home Riders: Red and Blue, Visiting Riders: White and Yellow/black.

Track Signals: Flags displayed during the course of the race mean: Yellow & Black Diagonal Cross – Riders entering last lap. Black & White Chequered – Race finished. Black with accompanying disc – Rider Excluded. Red Lights around the Track – indication that a race has been stopped.

A coin toss takes place before Heat 1 and winning captain can either choose gate positions for Heat 1 or Heat 15.

  • The top rider (by Match Average) must ride at No.1;

  • The 2nd to 5th riders can ride in any position from No.2 to No.5;
  • The 6th and 7th riders must ride at No.6 or No.7.

Rising Star riders in the Premiership must ride at No.6 or No.7 at the commencement of the season. Their team position will then be determined in accordance with Match Averages.

A Tactical Substitute (TS) is permitted on one occasion between Heat 5 and Heat 14 inclusive, when a team is six or more points in arrears. It allows a nominated team member to replace a programmed rider. This rule is not applicable in a two-legged tie (eg KO Cup, play-offs).

A Reserve Switch (RS) can be taken by a No.6 or No.7 rider at any time at the team manager’s discretion subject to a maximum of seven rides in total.

All riders (No’s 1-7) must have a minimum of three rides prior to Heat 15, unless prevented by injury and being declared unfit by Track Medical Officer.

Reserves shall be entitled to maximum of 7 rides, use as a Tactical Substitute, Rider Replacement or in Nominated Riders Race (Heat 15), will count in the maximum rides allowed.

In the case that a Rider is disqualified for a starting offence, the Team Manager may, at his discretion, either use a Reserve in the original start position, or re-instate the guilty Rider to re-start on a 15-metre handicap. This regulation also applies in Heat 15.

Injury Rider Replacement (IRR) allows the remaining rides of one certified injured rider (in the top five of the line-up) to be taken by other members of the team with an average lower than the injured rider – subject to the injured rider not having completed three rides. Reserves can have more than one IRR ride.

A full set of 2022 season rules including Guest Rider (G) and Rider Replacement (RR) facilities for each league are available from the Speedway Control Bureau (SCB) website.

Home loss by any amount of point 0
Home draw (Championship & NDL only) 1
Home win by any amount of points 3
Away loss by 7 points or more 0
Away loss by 6 points or less 1
Away draw (Championship & NDL only) 2
Away win by between 1 and 6 points 3
Away win by 7 points or more 4
Super Heat win (Premiership only) 3
Super Heat loss (Premiership only) 1


In Premiership League and League Cup meetings after heat 15 when the score is level, a Super Heat will be used to determine the winner.

In Premiership League Cup, after the conclusion of a two-legged tie the scores are level, a Super Heat will be used to determine the winner.

The Team Manager, at their discretion may select any two of their seven riders. The minimum and maximum ride rules do not apply.

In a re-run of a Super Heat a non-disqualified rider who is unable to take part, may be replaced by another team member. The team winning the toss of the coin has the choice of gate positions.

The Super Heat will take place with the following scoring system to determine the winner of the meeting: 1st 4 points, 2nd 3 points, 3rd 2 points, 4th 0 points.

If a meeting is abandoned for any reason after the staging of heat 10, the scores are level and no more heats can take place (e.g. Super Heat), the match will be awarded. Each team will be awarded 2 points.