2022 British Speedway Season
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    WOLVERHAMPTON have postponed their home meeting with King’s Lynn next Monday following the four week delay to lifting restrictions.

    Club owner Chris Van Straaten has made the move to preserve the short and long term future of the club after heavy losses sustained in the opening two home meetings with severely restricted crowd numbers imposed by the local council.

    Now he’s hoping to have successful talks to raise the levels to a more sustainable level after leaving many fans disappointed when missing out on ticket sales.

    He said: “It’s not about me asking to open up the stadium to full capacity, I fully respect the fact that we have to work with restricted numbers.

    “I just want a few more people to get somewhere near the figure where we can sustain our position and move forward through the season.

    “I’ve managed to source some great pictures from last week against Sheffield where there is no doubt you can accommodate more people.

    “I was encouraged on Tuesday morning when reports and comments from government officials were saying July 19 should be the final date, more convincing than the June 21 announcement. I hope so because if not I fear for us and several others. After over 30 years as custodian of this club I don’t want to be the person who sees it close.

    “I emailed the council and BSP Ltd on Tuesday morning and King’s Lynn supported us in making the postponement on Monday, I thank them for that.

    “Hopefully now we can get the news we want having shown we can successfully stage meetings and there is plenty of room for more people.”

    Subject to successful discussions the next action at Monmore will be Monday July 5.