Sheffield Tigers v Wolverhampton Wolves


Sports Insure Premiership R1 2023

Owlerton StadiumPenistone Rd, Sheffield, S6 2DE

50 - 40


Date Tapes Up Competition Season Additional Info
Thursday, August 24, 2023 7:30 pm Sports Insure Premiership R1 2023 Aggregate scores tied – Sheffield win the aggregate point after winning a Super Heat 5-4


SHEFFIELD moved back into the play-off places with a 50-40 win over Wolverhampton – clinching the aggregate point in a Super Heat.

Tobiasz Musielak (13+2) struck a paid maximum for the Tigers and combined with Tai Woffinden (12) for a 5-1 in Heat 15 which reversed the scores from the teams’ initial meeting at Monmore Green earlier in the season.

And whilst Ryan Douglas, who had scored 11 for the visitors, took first place in the Super Heat, second and third for ex-Wolves duo Musielak and Woffinden were enough for the additional league point, taking the Tigers above Leicester on race points difference.

Sheffield boss Simon Stead said: “That was really important. We knew we needed all three points with the way the play-off picture looks and the lads new the importance of that one.

“I would’ve liked it to have been a bit more convincing but R/R is not an easy position, wherever you’re trying to cover, and we found that difficult again tonight.

“But fair play to the rest of the lads, they really stepped in and showed their worth and the big guns stepped up when it mattered and did a great job for us.”

Douglas said: “I think we actually did quite well to push them to the Super Heat for the aggregate point.

“We needed two points in Heat 15 but I actually think we went for the wrong gates in two and four, and once their boys hit the front it was hard.

“Of course we’re disappointed to miss out but it’s not the end of the world and now we move onto Monday.”

SHEFFIELD 50: Tobiasz Musielak 13+2, Tai Woffinden 12, Josh Pickering 10, Kyle Howarth 7+2, Lewis Kerr 6+2, Ashton Boughen 2, Adam Ellis r/r.
WOLVERHAMPTON 40: Ryan Douglas 11, Steve Worrall 8, Zach Cook 6+1, Sam Masters 5+2, Rory Schlein 5+1, Luke Becker 3, Leon Flint 2+2.
Aggregate scores tied – Sheffield win the aggregate point after winning a Super Heat 5-4.

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