Peterborough Panthers v Belle Vue Aces


Sports Insure Premiership R2 2023

East of England ArenaOrton Waterville, Peterborough, PE2 6XE

41 - 49


Date Tapes Up Competition Season Additional Info
Monday, June 26, 2023 7:30 pm Sports Insure Premiership R2 2023 Belle Vue win the aggregate point


The Aces continued their excellent record at the East of England Arena but were given a tough battle by the bottom club, with Vadim Tarasenko making a successful home debut for the Panthers.

Tarasenko won four races and scored 14 points from six rides, but the Aces had the league points in the bag with a 5-1 from Dan Bewley (12+1) and Brady Kurtz in Heat 13.

Bewley said: “I think all of us were very happy to come here, we all love this track but we in no way underestimated the Panthers especially now they’ve made some changes.

“I think that showed in how they raced, they’ve got some good riders who gave us a good run at Belle Vue last week and here on home shale we expected more of the same.

“This is another big result for us. Meetings will soon start to run out in the race for the play-offs and we need to give ourselves the best chance possible of defending our title.”

Panthers manager Rob Lyon said: “The riders all gave 100 per cent and they took the fight to Belle Vue, but they are pretty good around our place and they have been for many years.

“It’s very difficult and five race wins tells its own story, but there were positives and obviously Tarasenko has adapted well on his first time round here.

“We just need more race winners, and once we get that maybe we’ll be in the game.”

PETERBOROUGH 41: Vadim Tarasenko 14, Benjamin Basso 8+1, Hans Andersen 5+2, Niels-Kristian Iversen 4+2, Jordan Jenkins 4+1, Ben Cook 4, Richie Worrall 2.
BELLE VUE 49: Dan Bewley 12+1, Jaimon Lidsey 10, Tom Brennan 7+2, Brady Kurtz 7, Charles Wright 5+1, Keynan Rew 5, Jake Mulford 3+1.
Belle Vue win the aggregate point

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Photo credit: IAN CHARLES