Leicester Lions v Ipswich Witches


Sports Insure Premiership R1 2023

Pidcock Motorcycles Arena1 The Lions, Leicester, LE4 1DZ

52 - 38


Date Tapes Up Competition Season Additional Info
Thursday, June 8, 2023 7:30 pm Sports Insure Premiership R1 2023 Leicester win the aggregate point


LEICESTER advanced to third place in the Sports Insure Premiership with a key win over Ipswich at the Pidcock Motorcycles Arena, Beaumont Park.

The Lions won 52-38 to take match and aggregate points over the Witches as the match went according to the current formbook, despite a brilliant 17-point haul from the visitors’ Emil Sayfutdinov.

Home No.1 Max Fricke, who scored 11, was the only rider to defeat Sayfutdinov although a dramatic Heat 13 saw the home side on a 5-1 until Jason Doyle was disqualified for bringing Nick Morris down.

Sayfutdinov won the re-run but the Lions’ win on the night was safe and they confirmed the aggregate point through skipper Chris Harris and reserve Jake Allen in the next race, with Drew Kemp also impressing as a Rising Star guest.

Leicester boss Stewart Dickson said: “I knew tonight that their top two would not go through the card, because we’re now riding a lot better.

“All in all it was a really good night, we consolidate our place in the top four and Ipswich are now five points behind us in the bottom three.

“Tonight was really important because there’s a little pattern beginning to emerge, with the top four separating away from the bottom three.”

Ipswich manager Ritchie Hawkins said: “It was another disappointing result, and that is three in a row.

“We have clearly not been strong enough in those three meetings and tonight we were not making good starts for the first two thirds of the meeting. You can’t let teams get that far ahead of you.

“We started the season well, but maybe other teams have improved and hit form. We have been missing riders and using R/R a lot and that has caught up with us.”

LEICESTER 52: Max Fricke 11, Chris Harris 9+1, Jake Allen 7+2, Justin Sedgmen 7+1, Nick Morris 7+1, Drew Kemp 7+1, Richard Lawson 4+1.
IPSWICH 38: Emil Sayfutdinov 17, Jason Doyle 7+1, Danny King 6, Kenyan Rew 3, Danyon Hume 3, Ben Barker 1, Joe Thompson 1.
Leicester win the aggregate point

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