2022 British Speedway Season
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    PLYMOUTH and Birmingham both name full-strength line-ups for tonight’s (Tuesday) Championship encounter at the Coliseum.

    It’s the first of two clashes in 24 hours between the sides as they also meet at Perry Barr tomorrow.

    A change to the Gladiators’ riding order sees Bjarne Pedersen take the No.1 position with Jason Crump now having an established average, so he switches to No.5.

    PLYMOUTH: Bjarne Pedersen, Dillon Ruml, Zach Cook, Zane Keleher, Jason Crump, Alfie Bowtell, Jason Edwards.
    BIRMINGHAM: Erik Riss, Valentin Grobauer, James Shanes, Ashley Morris, Chris Harris, Paco Castagna, Jack Thomas