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BIRMINGHAM take on Redcar in a match of vital significance to both sides at Perry Barr tonight (Wednesday).

The Brummies have won their last five home Championship matches and their draw at Edinburgh last Friday puts them in prime position to challenge the top six – if they can keep winning on their own circuit.

Meanwhile the Bears will secure their play-off place with a win, which would also be of great value to them in their battle with Glasgow for an automatic place in the semis.

The hosts operate rider replacement for Valentin Grobauer, who was injured at Perry Barr last week, whilst the Bears bring in Jason Edwards to guest for Ryan Kinsley, whose equipment is not ready after last week’s theft.

Birmingham boss Laurence Rogers said: “We fancy our chances of a late run up the rails to bag a top six finish. Then when it comes to play-offs the pressure is on, but if we can make it we’ll be underdogs so we wouldn’t feel it.

“But we have to get there first and we can’t afford to slip up at home which makes the Redcar meeting massive for us.

“We will need to be on our toes and we have to be at it from the start with no silly errors.”

Bears reserve Jordan Jenkins said: “I think it’s an important meeting for us and hopefully we can go and win.

“This will be Redcar’s third meeting at Birmingham this year and after the first one being abandoned and then losing the second I think all the boys will be hungry for the win.

“It’s coming down to the business end of the season and we are all doing well and getting on well as a team.”

BIRMINGHAM: Chris Harris, Valentin Grobauer R/R, James Shanes, Ashley Morris, Erik Riss, Paco Castagna, Jack Thomas.
REDCAR: Charles Wright, James Sarjeant, Jake Allen, Lewis Kerr, Michael Palm Toft, Ryan Kinsley, Jordan Jenkins.