2022 British Speedway Season
    Edinburgh Academy Pathway 773x439


    EDINBURGH have announced the creation of the Monarchs Speedway Academy as they look to encourage new Scottish riders and offer a pathway to professional racing.

    The club plan to establish two reduced-size tracks, the second of which will be installed on the centre-green at Armadale Stadium, with initial funding to be supported by an auction hosted by the Monarchs 100 group.

    Riders can then progress through different classes of machinery, before moving into league racing initially at junior level.

    Co-promoter John Campbell said: “We are delighted to be taking these first steps into developing the next generation of Scottish speedway riders.

    “The ultimate aim is to have a rider progress from the entry level inflatable track, all the way through to the Monarchs team in due course.

    “New riders can get involved at the level most appropriate to them and progress from there. The beauty of the system is that there will always be a next step for riders to develop.

    “Previously we had no platform to enter the sport at youth level. With the Monarchs Speedway Academy, local kids can get involved and dream of going all the way to Scottish Champion and beyond.”