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King's Lynn v Oxford

Premiership Pairs @ Leicester


Premiership Pairs 2023

Pidcock Motorcycles Arena1 The Lions, Leicester, LE4 1DZ

1st - Belle Vue


Date Tapes Up Competition Season Additional Info
Thursday, June 29, 2023 7:30 pm Premiership Pairs 2023 2nd Peterborough; 3rd Sheffield


BELLE VUE were victorious in Thursday’s Premiership Pairs at Leicester as Dan Bewley and Brady Kurtz dominated the closing stages of the meeting.

The Aces finished one point behind surprise leaders Peterborough in the qualifying races, with Richie Worrall in outstanding form for the Panthers.

But Bewley and Kurtz got the better of Sheffield duo Jack Holder and Tobiasz Musielak in a Roses battle in the semi-final, before making fast starts in the Final to defeat Worrall and Ben Cook.

It was the Aces’ first Pairs title since 2006 when they were represented by Jason Crump and current Sheffield boss Simon Stead.

Club captain Kurtz said: “We’re delighted with this result. I know Lemmo (Mark Lemon) really wanted this trophy, and I think going into this we felt we were one of the stronger pairings.

“After the way things turned out when we last came to Leicester as a team, it was nice to be able to turn that around and get such a good result.

“We started off strong and just seemed to build on our performance all night until we got to the semi-final and the Final, and at that point we really had things dialled in.

“This is a tricky track because it’s not only deep but it’s technical as well, and for me personally it’s one of my more challenging circuits and I’m sure Dan would say the same.

“I think I was more nervous for the semi-final to be honest because Jack and Tobi are very accomplished riders, so to get one over those guys was nice.

“And even in the Final, Richie Worrall had been superb all night so we had that very much in mind, but we made good starts in each and as a result, we’re the Pairs Champions!”

PETERBOROUGH 33: Richie Worrall 23, Ben Cook 8, Jordan Jenkins 2.
BELLE VUE 32: Dan Bewley 20, Brady Kurtz 12, Jake Mulford 0.
SHEFFIELD 29: Jack Holder 16, Tobiasz Musielak 13, Dan Gilkes 0.
LEICESTER 26: Max Fricke 19, Drew Kemp 5, Justin Sedgmen 2.
IPSWICH 26: Danny King 18, Erik Riss 8, Dan Thompson 0.
KING’S LYNN 22: Nicolai Klindt 22, Thomas Jorgensen 0, Anders Rowe 0.
WOLVERHAMPTON 21: Steve Worrall 16, Sam Masters 5, Leon Flint 0.

SEMI-FINAL: Kurtz, Bewley, Holder, Musielak – [Belle Vue beat Sheffield 7-2].
GRAND FINAL: Kurtz, Bewley, R.Worrall, B.Cook – [Belle Vue beat Peterborough 7-2].

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