Leicester Lions v Wolverhampton Wolves


Sports Insure Premiership R2 2023

Pidcock Motorcycles Arena1 The Lions, Leicester, LE4 1DZ

39 - 51


Date Tapes Up Competition Season
Thursday, August 17, 2023 7:30 pm Sports Insure Premiership R2 2023


WOLVERHAMPTON moved to the brink of securing Sports Insure Premiership play-off qualification with an impressive 51-39 win at Leicester.

The visitors provided eleven race winners and took control of the meeting at Beaumont Park by going ten points up on the space of the first five races.

Former Lions man Ryan Douglas reeled off four wins before missing out on a maximum in Heat 15, and his 12 points were backed up by solid contributions down the order with skipper Sam Masters scoring nine.

Max Fricke (11+1) and Richard Lawson (10+1) both reached double figures for the Lions, who still have work to do to confirm a top four spot.

Wolves boss Peter Adams said: “I think we bullied them a bit from the starts, we had six different race winners and everybody in our team rode well today, and when they do we can win anywhere.

“It was a shame it wasn’t five wins for Dougy but you can’t have everything. He rode very well, and it does suit us having this ‘floating’ four and five position on various tracks.

“It worked well at Peterborough, we tried it again today and it’s paid dividends.”

Leicester manager Stewart Dickson said: “Wolverhampton were very good, but at the same time that’s two heavy defeats in a row at home for us, which is not something we’ve been used to.

“The riders just weren’t making starts, and even when we did we were getting passed, Wolves were just quicker. There was nothing wrong with the track, nobody was blaming the track, and it’s not something I can figure out straight away.

“Unfortunately there’s a slump somewhere and we need to get our motivation back, and when I say that I mean all of us.”

LEICESTER 39: Max Fricke 11+1, Richard Lawson 10+1, Richie Worrall 8, Drew Kemp 5+2, Justin Sedgmen 5+1, Jake Allen 0, Craig Cook r/r.
WOLVERHAMPTON 51: Ryan Douglas 12, Sam Masters 9, Steve Worrall 8+1, Rory Schlein 8, Luke Becker 6+1, Leon Flint 5+1, Zach Cook 3+1.

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