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Sheffield v Ipswich
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BERWICK face Leicester in both Championship and NDL in a double header at Shielfield Park tonight (Saturday, 6.30pm).

The senior encounter sees the Bandits face the league leaders, still with rider replacement in operation for Jye Etheridge whilst Lee Complin guests for Ty Proctor.

The Lions bring in Jason Edwards at reserve with Anders Rowe having left the club, and they continue with r/r for Connor Mountain whose partner is giving birth.

Bandits boss Gary Flint said: “It certainly doesn’t get any easier, Leicester following Glasgow at Shielfield.

“We are determined to get ourselves back into the battle for a play-off spot and get points on the board – home and away.”

Leicester manager Stewart Dickson said: “June is a very busy month for us, and Berwick is never an easy place to go.

“I know they’ve lost a couple of matches so far this season at home already, and I put that down to Jye Etheridge being missing, because he’s been scoring very big points for them.

“He’s missing again on Saturday so there is a chance for us to get something there, but it won’t be easy.”

In the NDL, Berwick are at full strength and lead the table, whilst second-placed Leicester bring in Kyran Lyden at reserve as Kai Ward was injured in a grasstrack crash last weekend.

Lion Cubs boss Dave Howard said: “This weekend will be the Cubs’ biggest challenge of the season so far.

“Berwick have a strong and solid team from one to seven, but we will also be looking to continue our really positive start to the season.”

BERWICK: Chris Harris, Jye Etheridge R/R, Theo Pijper, Leon Flint, Ricky Wells, Lee Complin, Kyle Bickley, Luke Crang (no.8).
LEICESTER: Nick Morris, Connor Mountain R/R, Richie Worrall, Joe Thompson, Kyle Howarth, Jason Edwards, Dan Thompson.

BERWICK: Kyle Bickley, Mason Watson, Ace Pijper, Greg Blair, Luke Crang, Kieran Douglas, Ben Rathbone.
LEICESTER: Dan Thompson, Mickie Simpson, Connor Coles, Tom Spencer, Joe Thompson, Kyran Lyden, Vinnie Foord.